Student Organizations

Cub & Key Society

From the Constitution of the Cub & Key Society of Ursinus College: “It shall be the purpose of this organization to give recognition and honor to the male leaders of the campus and to stimulate these leaders to become worthy students and sons of Ursinus.

This will include encouraging their participation in and support of extracurricular activities, promoting among them a desire to achieve high scholastic standing, and fostering a respect for the mission of Ursinus College.”
Men are considered for membership in the spring of their junior year, membership being based upon academic excellence (GPA 3.25 or better) , outstanding character, promotion of the ideals and best interests of the College, and participation in extracurricular activities. 
An honor society, Cub & Key meets only in the spring term, at which time the senior members elect deserving junior men to membership. At this meeting, the honorary officers (President and Secretary) are also elected by the senior membership.