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Biology major to publish research conducted at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Biology major Jessica Vadaketh (Class of 2018) has spent the last three summers carrying out research in the lab of Dr. Stephen Sykes at the Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Her hard work has paid off and was accepted for publication in the Clinical Cancer Research Journal.

The goal of the Sykes lab is to find molecular pathways that could possibly help in designing novel anti-leukemia drugs. “There were many strategies I learned in this lab like performing numerous Western Blots, apoptosis assays, making my own plasmids, MTS assays, cellrox and mitosox staining etc . It was a long and stressful journey working side by side with my post-doc Daniela DiMarcantonio, who came from Italy to finish her thesis” explains Jessica.  Students like Jessica often find research opportunities in cutting edge laboratories between semesters at Ursinus.