Black Arts Movement Class Visits Temple University

Dr. Keita’s Black Arts Movement class visited Temple University to immerse themselves into the African-American archives.

On Tuesday, November 7th, the Black Arts Movement (BAM) students journeyed to Temple University in Philadelphia. They viewed the Blockson Collection, an African-American cultural and literary archive, to access information for a bibliographic essay tied to their final research papers. Dr. Diane Turner, Curator, and Librarian Ms. Aslaku Berhanu assisted the students in their findings. 

Dr. Keita, the professor who organized the visit, reported that it was “an excellent, eye-popping trip, as students got to view rare primary sources that they had read about in class from the active BAM period (1965-1975).” The only downside was the time spent in the archives; if the class had spent more time in the archives, the period would have been more ideal and immersive. The successful excursion might have concluded, but the crisp knowledge acquired remains with the class.