Student Organizations

Active Minds

We are a Peer to Peer organization that is designed to raise awareness about mental health among college students.

Who are we?

Active Minds on Campus is a program of Active Minds, Inc. that exists as a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy organization on the college campus. The group is designed to utilize peer outreach to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues and symptoms of mental illness, provide information about available resources, encourage students to seek help as soon as help is needed, and to serve as a liaison between students and the mental health community. By promoting awareness and education, the group aims to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness and create an open environment for discussion of mental health issues. The organization targets the college community, and meets once every 1-2 weeks.

  • A non-profit based organization in Washington, DC, with over one hundred chapters in the US and Canada.
  • The founding Chapter is located at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Active Minds on Campus has become a growing and helpful organization on college campuses throughout the country.

The Ursinus Chapter began in the Fall of 2008

How will we do this?

  • Active Minds provides information and resources on mental health/mental illness throughout the school year.
  • Encourages students to seek out help/services.
  • Serves as an informational liaison between the student body and the mental health community/services.
  • Reduces stigma through campus-wide events, education, and information on resources, which is provided from Active Minds to students across campus.