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Podcasts, Programs, and Poe, Oh My!

The new Podcasting American Literature class takes on the challenge of manipulating audio and literacy.

First implemented in the spring of 2018, Podcasting American Literature has already taken on new heights. Dr. Talia Argondezzi, director of the Center for Writing and Speaking and instructor for Writing, Pedagogy, and Society (IDS 290) and the Common Intellectual Experience (CIE), teaches the class. Books like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, and the tales of Edgar Allan Poe will be highlighted throughout the course in order to bring those “classics” back into the light of the present day through podcasts. The task is to podcast them. Students have to create their own podcasts and read required texts, but instead of writing formal essays, they will be discovering what the causes and consequences are of the texts and how they influence society.

Stephen Cordasco, a freshman, is currently taking the class. When asked about his favorite aspect of the course, he replied, “I love it! I can express my ideas through spoken word instead of wondering what kind of inflection something has. It’s like adding a third dimension to the reading without to write a bulky paper.”

Regarding Dr. Argondezzi, Stephen said that “She’s great and facilitates the discussions well. She’ll pose three or four questions that make you reflect upon them before answering. She’s also helpful with the technology.” Once the class concludes, Stephen hopes to create his own podcast in the future.


The course counts for the 200-level requirement for English majors, and if there are any questions, contact targondezzi@ursinus.edu.

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