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For each GOLD Standard, we ask the GOLD community our favorite Ursinus-based questions.

This issue, we asked, “In two sentences, who was your favorite professor and why?

Kevin Cox ’15:
  “Dr. Nick Scoville - He was the first math teacher I had that truly made math about beautiful problem solving. He was approachable, genuine and humble at all times.”


Sydney Rotman ’15:  “Dr. Alice Leppert - My all-time favorite professor. I asked her to be my honors advisor because I truly enjoyed working with her. She is a very important person from my academic career.”


Nina Petry ’16:  “Dr. Rebecca Jaroff - She’s an incredible teacher who manages to weave important, topical issues seamlessly into class discussions. I always felt that I got more from her classes than just the subject-at-hand, and she worked with each of her students at his or her own pace.”


Mary Schardt ’15:  “Professor Heather O’Neill - She is super knowledgeable, but also super approachable. I feel like I learned more from her class than I did in any other at UC.”


Brett Hillsberg ’13:  “Dr. Becky Evans. She is an inspiration to humanity. Understanding, brilliant, kind and an excellent teacher.”


By Emily Cooper ’15

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