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HEP Journal Club Discussion on Public Health

Each month, HEP faculty and students get together and discuss a current topic, recent research articles or discoveries.  This month, the discussion centered on Public Health, with the topic, Side effects: what can go wrong in global health policy and programming?


Designed to keep everyone aware of the pulse of research in society, the HEP Journal Club meets each month.  Dr. Catherine van de Ruit led the February meeting which focused on how global health interventions can have negative unintended consequences. During the gathering, Dr. van de Ruit discussed her research on AIDS community health projects in South Africa to show how well intended health interventions can deviate from their stated goals and hurt the people these projects are designed to protect. The next HEP Journal Club meeting will be 3/21/18, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, in Thomas 324, topic to be announced.

- C. Angermeier