Ursinus Dancers Showcase Talent at Regional Conference

March 30, 2018

Six students performed an original piece by classmate Donnay Burden ’19 during the American College Dance Association Conference at West Chester University.

Burden spent the semester choreographing Social Deception, which is based on the concept of social constructs, social ostracism and investigating the question of what makes certain societal norms a social construct. 

The American College Dance Association exists to support and affirm dance in higher education through regional conferences, the adjudication process and national festivals, according to its website. The educational mission of the association is to foster creative potential, to honor multiple approaches to scholarly and creative research and activity, to promote excellence in choreography and/or performance, and to give presence and value to diversity in dance.

Burden was joined at the conference by James Daring ’18, Kelsey Jean-Baptiste’18, Danielle Jordan ’18, Justine Cinalli ’20 and Jeniece Butts ’20.  

The conference allows students to spend time interacting and networking with fellow dancers, taking classes with professors from other dance programs and performing. They are also given professional feedback through an adjudication process.

Ursinus has participated in several of the mid-Atlantic north regional conferences in the past according to Karen Clemente, a professor of dance.

“I firmly believe in the mission of the organization to celebrate the talent and creativity of dance students across the country,” she said. “ I support students going and experiencing this kind of an event so that they have the opportunity to network with students at other colleges, they have the opportunity to take classes from other professors that are teaching at other areas in our region, and also that they are exposed to other dance programs. Our dance program also gets to be highlighted in such a way at the conference.”

The trip was sponsored in part by the dean’s office, the theater and dance department and the student achievement in research and creativity committee. —By Mary Lobo ’15