Javes, O’Callaghan, and Neumann present their research in Houston, TX

Victoria Javes, Sinead O’Callaghan, and Tatyanna Neumann (all ’18; research assistants In Dr. Joel Bish’s Concussion lab) recently presented their research in Houston, Texas at the North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS) Conference. The Conference had a focus on Neurotrauma health services and outcomes as well as gender focused research. The group presented their research, “Gender Differences in Long-Term Impulse Control Problems Following Concussion” during the Pink session held on March 16th.

As the only undergraduates at the conference, they received many helpful comments from professionals in the industry as well as constructive feedback about their poster results and future study implications. They were also able to attend many presentations from experienced doctors, researchers, and even teachers regarding advances in the field.