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The 2018 Lantern Launch

Ursinus’ Literary Magazine is finally released.

On April 3, 2018, The Lantern held its annual launch party in Olin Auditorium. Many students of diverse interests attended the event and was able to listen to readings of those accepted into the magazine. Alumni were able to attend the event as well.

Before the release, there were awards given out to Emily Shue for the Prose Prize, Chiara DeMelfi for the Poetry Prize, and Matt Dwyer for the Creager Prize. The Doleman Prize was given as well, with the winner being Mya Flood and Solana Warner as the runner-up. 

After the awards were given out, students gave brief readings of their accepted works. A range of writers, from freshmen to seniors, read their pieces, showed their talents, and gave a peek into what the magazine contains. Once The Lantern was officially released, and students flooded the floor of the auditorium to grab their copy.

The event was a success, and the Ursinus English Department thanks all people who contributed to the production, publication, and art of The Lantern. Special thanks go to Dr. Jon Volkmer, the faculty advisor of the magazine.

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