Ursinus Chemistry Attends 82nd Annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention

Ursinus College is one of fourteen colleges to attend the 82nd Annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention hosted by Elizabethtown College. Presentations made by two student researchers.

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, Elizabethtown College hosted the annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention also known to many chemists as the ISCC. Six chemistry professors and five chemistry majors set out early on Saturday to Elizabethtown, PA for the opportunity to listen to students’ research in one of the following disciplines: analytical, organic, biochemistry, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Fourteen colleges and the hosting institution had students presenting at the conference. Each of the thirty-four students gave a 12-minute oral research presentation followed by a 3-minute QA, in concurrent sessions lasting throughout the morning. Two judges per session evaluated the presentations with a first and second place award winner from each session. The convention concluded with the plenary speaker address and awards ceremony.

Ursinus College seniors, Brian Van Dyke (BCMB, CHEM ’18) and Michael Esposito (CHEM ’18) showcased their research on Saturday. Both presented research in one of the two inorganic sessions. Mentored by Dr. Amanda Reig and funded by an NIH grant, Brian’s research on Modeling coupled binuclear copper enzymes using de novo designed Due Ferri single chain (DFsc) proteins is the capstone of research conducted throughout several academic semesters as well as Summer Fellows work. Mike’s year of research in the Evidence of Next-Nearest-Neighbor Electronic Coupling in a Series of Cyano-Bridged trans-Fe(II)Pt(IV)M(II) Asymmetric Trimers (M = Fe, Ru) is research he conducted under the mentor-ship of Dr. Brian Pfennig.

The other Ursinus students in attendance are looking forward to presenting research at next year’s ISCC to be held at Gettysburg College.