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Fighting for Ophelia

Fighting for Ophelia is the largest student run organization on campus. It is an organization devoted to mentoring local high school and middle school students as well as improving the Ursinus community.

The purpose of Fighting for Ophelia is provide a support system to the Ursinus community as well as the surrounding school communities. Fighting for Ophelia helps others to realize situations of relational aggression and how to create a better environment for all.  The organization is open all Ursinus students (part-time or full-time) with no recent records (within 6 months) or arrest or serious disciplinary actions through the college.  Fighting for Ophelia has a general body meeting once a month. General meeting times will vary based on the availability of all the members.



  • You couldn’t walk very far on campus this week without encountering one of the many inspirational messages written in chalk on the sidewalks.