NEUR Student Attends The Undergraduate Research Poster Conference in Harrisburg, PA

Noah Yeagley (’19), along with chemistry student, Michael Esposito (’18), were selected to present their research at the Pennsylvania state capital building, along with numerous other undergraduate students from all across Pennsylvania. Noah presented his research with Dr. Jennifer Stevenson and Dr. Joel Bish on the Structural Assessment of Knowledge (SAK) approach to evaluate implicit learning of neuroscience concepts. This marks the third conference that Noah has presented this research at this year, including the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting in Boston, MA, in March.

The goal of the conference is to connect not only student researchers from across the state, but for institutions to showcase their research to the congressmen and congresswomen of Pennsylvania. At the conference, Noah was able to explain his research to his representative who oversees his hometown of Hanover, PA, Kate Klunk, along with many other representatives.