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UC Digital Spark Business Program Spring 2018

This spring, the U-Imagine Center connected students with businesses to broaden their digital horizons through “UC Digital Spark.” The program was a success, the students use their creativity to help their businesses develop a digital presence based on the businesses’ needs.

Student: Roseangela Hartford 18’

Business: ACLAMO

ACLAMO is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare, social services, and education programs to Latinos as well as other low-income families to enable them to become integrated into society.


Student Alex Wagoner 21’

Business: DS Pool Services

DS Pool Services goal is to satisfy the needs of swimming pool owners in Pennsylvania. Whether opening, closing or servicing pools, DS Pool Services goal is to have customers swimming pools ready for use by summertime.


Student: Gemma Dufoe 20’

Business: FUEL Cycle Fitness

FUEL Cycle Fitness is a gym located in Ardmore that has special classes geared towards boxing and cycling. FUEL also has a gym on-the-go where instructors bring the equipment and music to your office space or outdoor event.


Student: Suzanne Angermeier 20’

Business: John James Audubon Center

John James Audubon Center’s goal is to preserve the environment by restoring habitats, with an emphasis on birds.


Student: Jordan Orange 20’

Business: Lily Laser & Beauty LLC

Lily Laser and Beauty LLC is a Medical and Day Spa service that focuses on laser hair removal, facials, botox, and teeth whitening.


Student: Ryan Summers 18’

Business: Magic Memories Child Development Center

Magic Memories is a Child Development Center that offers a safe, loving environment for your child. Their centers are designed to help children with their self-esteem and social development in a healthy environment.


Student: Jillian Falduto 19’

Bussiness: Main Street Nutrition

Main Street Nutrition is a health café that offer smoothies, teas, and customized nutrition plans for their clients.


Student: Alex Drum 18’

Business: Modern Male Grooming Lounge

Modern Male Grooming Lounge is a new barbershop located on Main Street in Collegeville that offers services to men, women, and children.


Student: Alessandra Psomaras 18’

Business: Romanelli Agency Inc

The Romanelli Agency is a local company that provides farmers insurance to residents in the greater Collegeville area.


Student: Jacob Kang 21’

Business: SCORE

SCORE is a non-profit organization that assists small business owners by providing consulting services across the United States.


Student: Tim Miller 19’

Business: Tint-Pro

Tint-Pro provides window servicing to the Collegeville area to manage sun control and security issues in your home, school, or workplace.


Student: Sam Isola 19’

Business: Toothshower

Toothshower is an oral care solution that allows you to brush your teeth while in the shower. This product cleans 100% of the surfaces on your teeth, while regular toothbrushes only hit approximately 60% of your teeth’s surfaces.