Student Organizations

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a site-based mentoring program at Barkley Elementary School, which is about 15 minutes away from Ursinus.

The bigs meet with their littles during lunch at the school once a week for an hour from September until May. During the visit you eat lunch with your little as well as talk and play games in order to get to know your little.  

The purpose/objective of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to help your little with any problems that he or she might have. Meeting with your little once a week during the course of the school year does make an impact on the little. The littles show improvement in academic performance, are less likely to skip school, and feel like they are more likely to attend and finish college.

The organization is open to anyone on campus who has access to a car since Barkley Elementary School is 15 minutes away from Ursinus. The applicants then have to pass a background check and have an interview to make sure that they are going to match well with one of the littles.

The organization does not normally meet as a group since the organization is an individualized program between each big and his or her little. We meet as a whole when we are being trained, but overall the bigs go into Barkley Elementary School once a week individually to spend an hour with their littles.