Student Organizations

Magic Club

Magic Club is an organization for students who play the collectible card game Magic: the Gathering, giving all a group of people to play with.

The purpose of this club is to create a strong community for all students who play Magic: the Gathering. We provide a safe space to play and build without fear of intense scrutiny or judgement so that all players can feel that their deck building and play style is valid and appreciated. We also seek to create lifelong friendships between both new and old players, with the hopes that our organization can give others a love for the game. The organization is open to anyone who is passionate about Magic. Any amount of skill is not required, as we attempt to cater to both fledgling and experienced players. Our organization meets twice a week in Lower Wismer for free-play sessions were players can bring whatever style of deck they choose. This semester, these meetings were held Tuesday and Wednesday 7-9 PM.