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#UrsinusSummer: The Numbers Game

What if you had a crystal ball and could predict the occurrence of certain events? You might say it’s impossible. But Faraha Rathod ’19 would disagree and has something even better than a crystal ball: data.

Faculty Mentor: Peter Chi, Statistics

As a mathematics major, Rathod is an aspiring actuary, professionals who deal with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty. She is working with Peter Chi, an assistant professor of statistics, to gain an understanding of survival analysis, which uses statistics for analyzing the expected duration of time until one or more events happen. 

“This event can be defined as anything,” she explains. “For my project, an event is defined as the occurrence of two consecutive events. Therefore, an event has to occur two times in a row in order to do further analysis.” 

There’s magic in crunching numbers after all. 

“For my final product, I will be writing a paper on all of the programming and coding I did, what it does, and how it all relates to survival analysis,” she says.

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