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Health and Exercise Physiology Summer Fellows

On Friday, July 20, 2018, Ursinus College held it’s 20th Annual Summer Fellows Research Symposium. A wide variety of topics were presented at the symposium and the in-depth, thoughtful presentations were enjoyed by all. Health and Exercise Physiology student presentations are listed below:

The HaMM Lab

“Disease Risk Profiles of Unsaturated and Saturated Fat Diets in Mice” 
Ian Dysinger (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kolwicz)

“Isolation and Analysis of Mitochondria Function in Mouse Skeletal Muscle”                                  Zachary Larmer (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kolwicz)


“How Exercise and Diet Affects the Antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase”                                        Clara Baker (Mentor: Dr. Deb Feairheller)

“Using Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring to Track Alarm Activated Blood Pressure Surges in Control vs. Firefighter Populations”                                                                                              Rachel Dickinson (Mentor: Dr. Deb Feairheller)

“Diet and Exercise Intervention, A Comparison of Analysis Methods”                                        Emily Reeve (Mentor: Dr. Deb Feairheller)

The Patient Safety in Medicine Work Group

“Patient Safety in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)”                                                         Bridget Rauh (Mentor: Dr. Catherine van de Ruit)

The SkM Lab

“Effects of Macrophage Produced Wnts on Endotheial Permeability and Stress Fiber Formation” Oniel Salik (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)

“Effects of Macrophage Produced Wnts on Endotheial Permeability and Skeletal Muscle Repair” Sabrina Tusavitz (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)

Congratulations to our Summer Fellows on a job well done!

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