The librarians and college archivist of LIT in Myrin Library at Ursinus welcome you to campus! This year, we want to get to meet more of you and better communicate all that’s going on in the library. Many people still seem to think that libraries are just warehouses filled with books and librarians who put their fingers to their lips and say “shhhhhhhh.” So we’re going to be posting stories on our webpage throughout the year to let you know what’s going on and to give you a glimpse at some of the amazing resources and services available to you as you work & study hard throughout the semester.

To start, we encourage you to get to know us. I assure you, we don’t just run around telling students to “be quiet!” We do indeed value quiet contemplation and serious study, but you can think of us more like research coaches than mean “shushers:” we like nothing more than working with you as you embark on a research paper or project, helping you to sort through the glut of information to find the good stuff. Take a look at our profiles to see what we look like and find out more about what we do. Most importantly, reach out to us, either by e-mail, or by setting up an appointment, or just stopping by and asking for us at the Main Desk. No question is too big or too small. 

And stay tuned! There will be much more to come in this space…

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