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Homecoming Courts of the Past

We chatted with seven GOLDs to hear about their experience on homecoming court and found some photos of Homecoming Courts from the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s.

          Nothing captures the joy, competition and pageantry of an Ursinus Homecoming quite like Homecoming Court. It’s a rare occasion for Bears to be recognized by their peers for all that they have brought the school through both friendships and achievements. While there are many Homecoming Courts, Ursinus’s is particularly unique because the nominees are well known by their whole class. It is that connection to those on campus, in the crowd and on the field that make the experience so special. We chatted with seven GOLDs to hear about their experience on Homecoming Court.                 

Being Nominated

Elle Potruch '16

One of the most impactful parts of the Homecoming process is being nominated by your peers. Elle Potruch ’16 recalled that getting nominated meant a lot to her. “Being part of Ursinus meant being part of at least 10 clubs and being nominated from one meant that people appreciated me and the hard work I did,” she said. Since most organizations can only give one bid annually, it is an honor to receive a nomination. 

Lauren DiCairano '13 Lauren DiCairano ’13 said, “I was so proud to be nominated by my friends in POD.” Tim Litz ’16 echoed, “It was just awesome to receive a nomination from some very good friends of mine.” In addition to the prestige of being nominated, GOLDs remember the joy in competing with some of their best friends. Gia Banner ’14 said “Almost all of the other nominees were friends, since Ursinus is such a close knit school, so it was fun to compete with each other and enjoy some healthy competition.” Nominees got to see their banners in Wismer for all the weeks leading up to Homecoming.

Tim Litz '16

The Celebration

A key piece of Homecoming Court is coming out onto the field with your Homecoming Court date. Getting to share that moment with people you care about is something that stuck with our GOLDs. “Having my best friend Victor Bermudez by my side was one of the most enjoyable moments of my time at Ursinus” said Kelly Fallon ’14. “We danced our way down the track and couldn’t stop smiling.” These are the moments where the Ursinus connection makes a difference. Briana Keane ’16 said, “My fondest memory was walking with Tim Litz as my Homecoming Court date.” “We loved the excitement from the crowd and everyone on Homecoming Court.

Future Homecoming Court members beware, though. This celebration is not without its dangers. Potruch said her favorite moment was “probably when one of the guys got iced on the football field when we walked out.” Keane added, “Tim picked me up and then we fell on the track from laughing so hard.”
Gia Banner '14

The Importance of Alumni

          Affinity For so many Ursinus students, the greatest part about Homecoming is welcoming back your favorite alumni. Litz said, “My fondest memory of senior year and every Homecoming, was always being able to see older friends that were recent graduates and reminisce about our times at Ursinus.” Homecoming has served as an amazing opportunity to reminisce on moments shared, or old stories from alumni on your sports team, fraternity, or club. It serves as a celebration for past and present. Krista Snyder ’16 likely best defined Homecoming when she called it “an opportunity to celebrate the friendships and connections that are made at Ursinus and the intricate community that we are all a part of.” Leaving a place where everyone knows your name means that there are very few degrees of separation when you come back.

Friends and Family

Kelly Fallon '14             Another common theme seen in Homecoming is the impact of friends and family. Many GOLDs had friends or family members visit campus during Homecoming Weekend to experience the energy. Kelly Fallon ’16 was able to spend Homecoming with some of her best friends from both home and at Ursinus. Affinity 2 Fallon said, “My family couldn’t make it, but my best friends that I grew up with back home came and they are like family to me.” Some on Homecoming Court had those friends or family surprise them by showing up during their court nominations. For Keane, “I didn’t know my family was coming until I saw them walking on the track.” GOLDs mentioned that having families on campus helped add a greater sense of community to the entire day.

Wrapping Things Up

        Homecoming 3   What stuck out from each conversation with past GOLDs was just how vivid and happy the memories of Homecoming Court were. They were still grateful for those who nominated them and those who walked out onto the field to share in the celebration. Many were able to make connections with friends and alumni that they still carry with them today.   Homecoming 4 They explained that the spirit of Homecoming and the reconnections made are what Ursinus is all about. GOLDs are eagerly looking forward to this year’s Homecoming to go back and cheer on the next Homecoming Court, reminisce on old memories, and reconnect with their UC Family.

By: Tim Jordan ’13

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