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A New Teacher for a New Year

Professor Quinn Gilman-Forlini joins the Ursinus English department.

Former Ursinus graduate Quinn Gilman-Forlini returns to her home campus for more exciting times with faculty and students. She is excited to be back and reflects on why she chose to attend Ursinus. Gilman-Forlini said, “I heard about Ursinus because I love J.D. Salinger and chose to come here because there’s such a strong creative writing and English department.” She states how she felt Ursinus placed value on the arts and how it is “a welcoming community.”

As an undergraduate, she was an English Major with Creative Writing and French minors while also dabbling into the theater program. After she graduated with her BA in Creative Writing, she attended the University of Virginia where she soon acquired her MFA in Creative Writing.

Gilman-Forlini feels like she “hit the jackpot” when she found out about teaching at Ursinus. “It’s been exciting and busy,” she states. “It feels great to be back on the third floor of Olin and also very strange to have an office in a place I spent so much time in as an undergraduate.”

Gilman-Forlini, when she is not reconnecting with her old professors, learning about her students, and enjoying the new Natural smoothie bar near the gym, is teaching Poetry Writing, Intro to Creative Writing, and Television and the Short Story Cycle. She said, “From the first poetry course I taught in grad school, I knew I wanted to pursue teaching creative writing. I love opening up the possibilities of what a poem could be, what a story could be, and watching my students’ work change throughout the semester. The TV course, which is new for me, combines my love of episodic narratives with another excuse to re-watch The Office, [and] nothing beats a good close-reading session!”

So far, Gilman-Forlini is having a great time teaching her classes and meeting her fellow associates. She says, “I feel incredibly lucky to be at Ursinus and give back to a community that shaped me so much as a writer and reader. To my students, come and say ‘hi’ and hang out in Olin 322!”

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