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Myrin Library Student Art Collection

New work added to the Library’s permanent art collection

An oil on canvas painting has been selected from the 2018 Ursinus College Student Art Exhibition by Charles A. Jamison, Special Collections Librarian, for the Myrin Library’s Student Art Collection.

The painting, “The Bleeding Woman”  was created by Kayla O’Mahony, ’18.

A Triptych painting, “The Bleeding Woman” has been added to a collection of approximately 125 artworks that comprise the Myrin Library Student Art Collection.

Acquired over the past 15 years, this collection represents the creative works of over 70 Ursinus students.

The Myrin Library Student Art Collection can be viewed at the Library, or in the Special Collections section of the Ursinus College Digital Commons.

"The Bleeding Woman"

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