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Celebrate the Ursinusiana Collection during American Archives Month

As Celebrated in October since 2006 by the Society of American Archivists (SAA)

Each October, American Archivists and Archives celebrate American Archives Month to raise the awareness of archives. This month gives the archivist profession an opportunity to remind people that items important to them are being collected, organized, preserved, cataloged, cared for, and made accessible.  It is a collaborative effort by professional organizations and repositories around the nation to highlight the importance of records and items of enduring value, thus making an archive a place where people go to find primary source information and other items of interest.  The archivist helps people find and understand the information.

In the “Ursinusiana Room” (located in room #227 on the second floor of Myrin Library), we collect, maintain, and promote materials from and about Ursinus College. This Ursinusiana Collection includes bound copies of: The Ursinus Weekly—1902 to 1978; The Grizzly—1978 to the current issue; the RUBY—1897 to 2018; Alumni Journal/Magazine—1937 to 2018; The Lantern–1933 to 2018; and printed Ursinus College Course Catalogs—1869 to 2013. In addition, the collection includes: Commencement and Baccalaureate Programs—1872 to 2018; Alumni and Faculty Memorabilia Collections; plus Black and White photos from the late 1800’s to the 1990s; Summer Fellows Papers—1999-2014; Bound copies of Honors and College Scholars papers–1902-2013; and museum pieces reflecting the history of the College.  

Come and discover what treasurers can be found in the Ursinusiana Collection!

Cataloged items, collections, and photographs can be found by searching in the Myrin Library Online Catalog at https://www.ursinus.edu/library/ under the “Library Catalog” Quick link. Also check out the Archives & Special Collections” section of Myrin Library’s WWW pages.

An appointment is recommended, but Ursinusiana Room walk-ins are welcome.

When making an appointment please state the subject of your research, as this will allow materials to be located before arrival.

Located in room 227, second floor of Myrin.

Hours: Monday through Friday - 8:00am until 4:00pm


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Ursinus College Archivist



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