Student Organizations

Phi Alpha Psi

Phi Alpha Psi is a local sorority founded in 1907, and this 107 year old legacy makes it the oldest sorority at Ursinus College.

The Sisters reside in a suite in Reimert, as well as Keigwin Hall, and other residential buildings around campus. The purpose of Phi Alpha Psi is to promote and maintain a friendly and cooperative spirit of sisterhood within the organization, the campus, and the surrounding community. The Sisters of Phi Alpha Psi continue to uphold  the standards of Personality, Ambition, Loyalty and Scholarship, set back in 1907. This is achieved through campus activities, community service on and off campus, and their high academic standards set forth in sorority records. Phi Alpha Psi meets as a whole organization once a week for their meetings, however outside of meetings one will never see a sister standing alone. Currently, there are 39 active members, which includes a range of majors, interests, personalities, and extracurriculars. Although diverse, the sisters of Phi Alpha Psi still share one thing in common – sisterhood.  We pride ourselves on being an extremely tight knit group of girls who can certainly depend on one another during college and beyond.