The Library Escape Room is a Success!

Congratulations to Kieran DeMelfi, Deniyele Levin, Donovan Erskine, AJ Belville, and Arabella Taucher for breaking out of the Escape the Librarian escape room in under 25 minutes! They were the fastest team to escape the librarian!

On October 3 and 5, the Library hosted an escape room in Myrin 201 designed by instructional technology librarian Christine Iannicelli.

The theme centered around participants being trapped in the room by an angry librarian after falling asleep in her class. Participants had to work collaboratively to solve puzzles that directly used library resources and prove to the librarian that they were information literate in under 45 minutes or else they would be trapped inside the library forever! 

Six teams, each comprised of 5-8 students and staff members, played the Escape the Librarian game and every team beat the game in the 45 minute allotted time.

Contact Christine Iannicelli if you are interested in hosting the game for your class or department. The game is best suited for groups of up to 8 people but can be scaled up if needed.