Bears Make History Takes Trip to the University of Pennsylvania

Students and teachers in #BearsMakeHistory travel to the University of Pennsylvania’s library.

The #BearsMakeHistory class traveled to the University of Pennsylvania’s Library in Philadelphia, and this event was organized by the course’s two professors- Dr. Daggar and Dr. McShane. Before creating projects for their own research within the class, students visited UPenn’s library and archive expert, Dorothy Porter. 

Porter presented students with medieval texts, showing them how delicate these books needed to be handled and how much craftsmanship went into each work. She discussed the process of finding archival evidence and how questioning everything is a necessary part of the process. After Porter’s explanations, the students were able to ask questions about how to go about researching evidence from the past and creating their own projects.

The #BearsMskeHistory team is now creating their own projects and three groups have been formed. We await their progress and are anxious to hear about their research!