Student Organizations

Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi Theta-Sigma chapter has been a vital component of the Ursinus Greek community since our chartering in September 2005.

As an international fraternity with over 100,000 members, Sigma Pi strives to uphold our mission: to advance man’s quest for excellence, and our vision: to strive for excellence by living our core values.

Our core values include:

(1) To promote fellowship;

(2) Develop character and leadership;

(3) Advance heightened moral awareness;

(4) Enable academic achievement; and

(5) Inspire service.  

Benefits of membership include:

(1) lifelong friends;

(2) regional conferences and biennial convocation;

(3) networking through internships and alumni contacts;

(4) scholarships and student loans; and

(5) leadership and service opportunities.  

Anti-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with the Creed of the Fraternity, no Chapter shall deny membership to an individual meeting the criteria outlined in this article and the academic standards of both the Fraternity and the Chapter’s host institution based on race, color, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, religion or disability.  The chapter meets at the beginning of every week for a general business and most weeks throughout the semester for brotherhood, community service, and philanthropy events.  

For anyone interested, more information can be found on fraternity’s website: