Ursinus Touted as a Top Innovative College

“College Consensus” has ranked the “Top 50 Underrated Colleges Doing Great Things.”

“Ursinus has always placed equality, accessibility and openness at the center of its curriculum and culture, and been rewarded with recognition as [one of the] College that Changes Lives and a long-standing up-and-coming college,” the website says. 

“What distinguishes all of the colleges and universities featured on the “Great Things” ranking is that they are doing something unique, something innovative, something meaningful, that deserves to be more widely recognized,” the article states. “Some are younger up-and-coming colleges, founded just decades ago, that have made their name on experimentation, innovation, and just plain boldness. Others are nearly as old as the United States itself, but have still never rested on their laurels, keeping current and even pushing higher education forward with centuries behind them.”

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