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Myrin Library Learning Session: Research and Databases

The Methods in Literature class visited Myrin Library to find out how to utilize the tools Ursinus offers.

On November 9, 2018, the ENGL-290W class, taught by Dr. Rebecca Jaroff, took a trip to Myrin Library to learn about the library databases and research sources Ursinus offers. Kerry Gibson invited students to show them what resources are available and reliable. The class is currently developing arguments for their final papers on either The Awakening by Kate Chopin or Othello by William Shakespeare.

Once the students arrived, Gibson projected the Myrin webpage onto a screen for all to see. She described how students can search through various databases online like Academic OneFile, JSTOR, MLA Bibliography, and Project MUSE for their research papers. which is accessible for free for those who are a part of Ursinus faculty and the student body. She taught them how to filter results for the most accurate articles, academic journals, books, and multiple other mediums of text.

Myrin Library is a valuable resource for students and staff, but it does not just offer online resources. Physical copies of books are available within Myrin’s four floors and are searchable through its webpage. Librarians are present during office hours for students to ask questions and locate certain texts. After the session, the ENGL-290W class started their research and took advantage of what they have offered to them.

We at the English department are extremely thankful for the Myrin Library and all its assets and workers. Libraries may seem ancient in this technological world, but they are a vital source of information and knowledge to the general public, making them a crucial element to not just college campuses but the world.

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