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A Glimpse Into The Archives

New Lobby Display Highlights the Ursinusiana Collection

In honor of National Archives Month, I had the privilege of working with Carolyn Weigel to put together a display that celebrates and highlights some of my favorite items in the Ursinusiana collection. The collection is quite mismatched, but I find that it reflects the overwhelmingly diverse and rich collection Ursinus possesses. The items in the collection range from historical artifacts to priceless photos taken throughout multiple decades of student life on campus. These items are mostly sports-related, and I found that many of the pieces range from the oldest piece, which is a photo taken during the early 1900s of Ursinus football players, to pieces from the 1960s and photos from the early 2000s. My personal favorite is the Letterman Jacket and drink which belongs to Ursinus Alumnus Robert Reid, class of 1966.  

                                          -Jasmine Lavasani,  Archives & Special Collections Student Assistant

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