"Dear Readers"

Dear Readers

When I became president in 2015, I challenged the Ursinus community to think differently, take risks, go big and make Ursinus great. At the time, I had no doubt that all of you would rise to the challenge.

But I continue to be impressed with just how high you raise the bar. To that end, I’m excited to present this special edition of Ursinus Magazine, which, when you flip it over and read right to left, includes the 2017-18 year-in-review. I invite you to read about not only the moments, but the people who helped shape our year, one in which we built upon our promise to become a “first choice” institution for students, faculty and staff, as well as for the neighboring community, and through philanthropic efforts. That vision is deliberately reflected in Ursinus 150, the college’s strategic plan, which is built upon seven bold and imaginative strategic objectives. This year was one in which we produced unparalleled opportunities for Ursinus, fostering creative and innovative thinking; strengthening diversity and inclusion across campus; recruiting and retaining high-caliber students, faculty and staff; and ensuring long-term financial stability in order to strengthen Ursinus’s position as a national leader in the liberal arts. Thank you for being a part of it. Go Bears!

Brock Blomberg