Stranger Things Escape Room in the Library

The library is hosting a Stranger Things escape room on December 3 and 4! Participants need not have watched Stranger Things in order to play the game, but do need to register beforehand.


You are trapped in the Upside Down and the Demogorgon is hot on your trail! You need to contact Eleven for help, but she is in Hopper’s cabin and you don’t know where that is. You need to search Hopper’s office at the police station for the address. You have 45 minutes to find the cabin’s address before the Demogorgon catches you!


Participants can sign up for an hour time slot to play the game (15 minutes is allotted at the beginning to explain the rules). Please be on time as we will need to start promptly. Participants should meet in the 1st floor Library Lounge.


Up to 6 participants can sign up to play at a time. Feel free to sign up as individuals or as a group to any of the time slots. There are only a few spots left, so sign up soon!