Library and Information Technology

LIT Lunch and Learns: Enjoy a Free Lunch While Learning Something New!

In Spring 2018, the Library and IT (LIT) Department assembled a LIT Training Team, which includes representatives from the library, tech support, administrative computing, and network operations and is facilitated by Christine Iannicelli, Instructional Technology Librarian.

The team takes a collaborative, proactive, and strategic approach to developing digital information and technology skills within our campus community. The Training Team has undertaken several initiatives, including the LIT Lunch and Learns that are offered biweekly throughout the year.

These Lunch and Learns are an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn something new in a short amount of time and receive a free lunch in the process! The Lunch and Learns are designed to be informative and accessible to all skill levels.

Most Lunch and Learns focus on the introduction of a digital tool or resource, the benefits of using such a resource, and examples of how to use it in a variety of contexts. Topics range from software demos to data storage and privacy advice to search strategies and library resources. Since the Lunch and Learns serve mostly to introduce valuable tools and not provide comprehensive hands-on training, we encourage participants to follow up with presenters afterwards to schedule one-on-one or department training.

The LIT Lunch and Learns generally get around 25 attendees per session (participants can also join virtually) and have received very positive feedback. Quotes include:

 “I love the lunch and learn format – it’s convenient, includes lunch so attendees don’t have to skip it, and the topics are always useful and relevant.”

“I thought I knew all this stuff and was just getting free lunch. But I really learned a lot.”

“Your instructions are very clear and you never make me feel like I’m a dimwit!”

Presenters solicit feedback at the end of every Lunch and Learn and several ideas suggested by attendees have inspired current Lunch and Learn topics.

Check out our Spring 2019 Lunch and Learn schedule and recorded Lunch and Learns on our Professional Development with LIT website. We hope to see you at the next one!