Ursinus Earns More Recognition from National Publications

Business Insider reported that Ursinus College is among the nation’s 50 underrated institutions, according to CollegeVine, a blog that serves as a resource for prospective students and their families.

Ursinus was ranked no. 29 nationally and fourth among colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region earning recognition for the Common Intellectual Experience and the new Quest: Open Questions Open Minds core curriculum.

“While college rankings can do a great job of identifying specific schools that shine in traditional ways, they often don’t do as good of a job at recognizing colleges that excel in other ways,” the article states.

In November, Ursinus was touted as a top innovative college by College Consensus for placing “equality, accessibility and openness at the center of its curriculum and culture.”

In September, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Ursinus 90th on its annual list, up three spots from 2017 and a five-spot improvement from 2016.