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The HEP Journal Club Goes Global!

The recent Health and Exercise Physiology Department Journal Club discussion focused on various Cuban Health Care System concepts.

The HEP Journal Club continues its commitment to inform students on diverse research and health topics, by meeting regularly throughout the academic year. The speaker for the February meeting was UC Lecturer, Dr. Denise Felsenstein. Dr. Felsenstein’s talk titled, “Cuba’s Health Care System:  How it works and why the concepts could help the US.”, focused on the primary, secondary, and tertiary care concepts of Cuba’s health care system, and how some of their public health philosophies could possibly help improve overall health for the US population. 

Journal Club gatherings aim to enhance student knowledge and discourse, as well as challenge students to reflect on the sources of knowledge.  The next HEP Journal Club meeting will be 3/6/19 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, in Musser Auditorium, topic to be announced.


~by Christine Angermeier