U-Imagine Center Hosts Regional Consortium

Ursinus College hosted the February meeting of The Philadelphia Regional Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (PREEC) in the U-Imagine Center’s new space in the Innovation and Discover Center.

The gathering was an occasion for Ursinus and the other local members to share information about the resources, programs, and goals for connecting students with the region’s entrepreneurial community. Membership includes educators from 20 colleges and universities, both large and small, including Temple University and Swarthmore College.

Each of the participating schools takes turns hosting one of the three annual meetings and sharing information on their programs, giving tips on their best student-focused practices, what they have learned through experience so that others can pick up tips from each other institution.

Maureen Cumpstone, Ursinus’s entrepreneur in residence, represented Ursinus at PREEC, bringing to the table details about U-Imagine programming, a discussion about integrating entrepreneurial thinking into the liberal arts and how that differs from some of the larger institutions in the consortium, and a strategy for connecting students from smaller schools in the group to resources not typically available to them.

“We have a very robust community right in our backyard in Philadelphia,” Cumpstone explains, “So to begin identifying those resources that are available to students now and post-graduation is what we and the consortium are trying to do.”

Cumpstone also shared Ursinus’s unique take on student leadership and how student workers at Ursinus can lead and build programs along with her mentorship and the skill building that fosters.

“As we come away from each of these meetings we learn that even though there’s a variety of both size and resources available among the members, we share commonalities,” she said, “We all have the desire to produce great programs, we face constraints no matter the size of the school, and we all have the same goal which is to produce top notch, excellent opportunities and education for our students.”  —By Mary Lobo ’15