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Prof explores new trends in computer science education

Akshaye Dhawan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, attended the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) symposium in the spring of 2014 with support from the TLI. He looks forward to applying insights from the conference to the Computer Science curriculum at Ursinus.

The SIGCSE conference brings together over 1200 educators and is the largest global conference on computer science education. Workshops, papers, panels, and industry sessions discuss curriculum design, pedagogy, labs and much more.

This was Dr. Dhawan’s first time attending the conference. “It was a great year to go since this year’s symposium coincided with the launch of the CS2013 curriculum guidelines for the next ten years by professional organizations in Computer Science (the IEEE and ACM),” explained Dhawan. “Based on my experiences at the conference, we are currently in the process of mapping our curriculum at Ursinus to the new recommendations both to see where our strengths lie and where we can improve.”