Annual JIN Fair Introduces Students to Area Employers

The Job, Internship and Networking fair offered the opportunity for students to meet with more than 80 employers offering internship, part-time jobs and full-time job opportunities.

Anika Backelin-Harrison ’19 was one of more than 320 students seeking out opportunities and to practicing her elevator pitch for each employer.

“I think that this is a really good opportunity for students to practice their pitch of who they are and how they can apply that to the specific organization they’re talking to in that moment,” Backelin-Harrison explained. “Because doing a general elevator pitch is good, but learning how to gear it towards who you’re talking to is better.”

Backelin-Harrison is currently looking for opportunities in human rights and advocacy work, or an administrative role similar to that she currently holds in the Ursinus campus safety office.

The fair was also a great experience for first-year students who wanted to gather some insight into the job search in their not-too-distant future.

Lauren Cipollone ’22 joined her friends Katherine Baker ’22 and Alyssa St. Jean ’22 at the JIN fair.

“I think it’s just a great opportunity for students to meet possible employers in the future,” Cipollone explained, “It’s a great way to network and just learn the process of meeting new people in a professional setting.”

There were several familiar faces dotted around the employer area of the fair. Several alumni returned with their own companies to present new opportunities to current Ursinus students like they had been given during their time at school.

Ralph Aurora ’14 is an alumnus who came back to introduce AREUFIT Health Services Inc., a West Chester-based company, to the new crowd of Ursinus students.

“It’s great, I really enjoy being back and seeing some familiar faces. I owe Ursinus a lot, so I just want to give back a little bit,” Aurora says.

Another alum, Nicole Shiner ’98, was here to represent both the nonprofit organization Greater Philadelphia Film Office, as well as the for-profit Billy Penn Music.

The film office aims to connect Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, including Montgomery County, with the film and video industry around the world to create jobs and encourage filmmakers to bring their productions locally.

Billy Penn Music represents Philadelphia and Pennsylvania-based musicians for the purpose of getting their music into film, TV, commercials, advertisements and video games. They work with student performers and student films and have found a great partnership with Ursinus through the PhillyX program.

Their first Ursinus intern, Victoria Kroha ’20 made a lasting impression on the small and personal company.

“We met together and it was such a great fit,” Shiner says. “Tori was my intern last semester while she lived in Philly and it was amazing.It was really cool to have an Ursinus student intern with us and having the Philadelphia Experience makes it way more possible to offer these opportunities to other Ursinus students.”

Director of Career and Post-Graduate Development Sharon Hansen shared some insight about the JIN Fair and how, regardless of class year, it is a valuable experience for every member of the Ursinus student body.

“Younger students can discover how what they are learning at Ursinus relates to the world, refine interests and uncover possible post-graduate paths. Sophomores, juniors and seniors can find leads for internships and full-time jobs, as well as begin to build a healthy professional network to support them in their future endeavors,” she explained. “Many employers sought me out to say how impressed they were by our students’ intellect, preparation, self-presentation and qualifications.” –By Mary Lobo ’15