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Art and Architecture

An iconic public sculpture that was once a familiar sight to millions in midtown Manhattan has moved from the bustling streets of New York City to the tree-lined Ursinus campus.

CWMTT2 Curved Cube, by American sculptor William Crovello, outside the Time & Life Building, New York City. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.Cubed Curve (1972), by American sculptor William Crovello, joined the collection at the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art in October after 42 years adorning the plaza of the Time-Life Building on West 50th Street and Sixth Avenue (the Avenue of the Americas). A Manhattan landmark for many passersby, it was donated to the Berman Museum by the Rockefeller Group. Light blue in color and geometric in shape, the 3,500-pound sculpture consists of formed, bent and welded stainless steel plate that measures 144 inches high by 48 inches long. Cubed Curve is a seminal example of the artist’s skill in silhouetting open and closed spaces in three-dimensional form.

Installed outside the Time-Life Building in 1972, the sculpture was presented by the Association for a Better New York, Inc., but hasn’t been seen by New Yorkers since 2015, when renovations on the plaza at the Time-Life Building began. “Just as it was a recognizable feature in New York City, so too will it be a place marker and meeting place on our campus, as well as a symbol of our commitment to showcasing the best examples of contemporary art,” Berman Museum Director Charles Stainback said.

Curved Cube


Cubed Curve was installed Monday, October 22, near Main Street.Cubed Curve was installed Monday, October 22, near Main Street.