"Dear Readers"

Dear Readers

When I think of what makes Ursinus innovative, I often reflect on our strength in learning across disciplines, something that is essential to our changing world.

Quote from President BlombergSo much of what we do here is amplified by a liberal arts context, whether you’re studying business, policy, technology, the sciences or something else. It’s the cross-pollination of people and ideas that allows positive change to happen. In this issue, you’ll learn about some of the people that make us truly innovative. Alumni Joe DeSimone ’86 and Aubrey Paris ’15 blend scientific advances with other industry. In the classroom, our digital liberal arts working group and student fellows bring together the liberal arts and 21st century technologies; students in our Bears Make History course digitize Ursinus’s history every fall semester; and the U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies helps students transform innovative ideas into reality. Finally, when I think of innovation, I’m immediately drawn to the new Quest: Open Questions Open Minds core curriculum. Our enduring questions permeate our campus culture in ways that engage not only students, but faculty, staff and alumni as well, and their emphasis leads to a transformative personal experience that you can’t find in many other places. It’s that experience that allows us all to be truly innovative.

Brock Blomberg