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Bears on the Stairs 2023

The Ursinus Wellness committee invites all Ursinus Faculty & Staff to participate in the Bears on the Stairs Challenge program.  Challenge runs for three weeks and starts on Sunday, March 12th.

Week 1 - March 12 to March 18
Week 2 - March 19 to March 25
Week 3 - March 26 to April 1

How the Program Works:
Sign Up for the challenge.

Keep track of the number of stair steps you climb each day (not number of overall walking steps you take).

  • At the end of the day, add up your total number of stair steps.
  • Use the Campus Stairwell Map to assist in your calculation.
  • At the end of each week, submit your steps online.
    • You must complete the online tracking form by noon each Wednesday to be eligible for the raffle held that week.
    • Steps count going up AND down and be sure to include your stair steps off campus (e.g. at home, at the mall) and especially those steps on the weekends.

The Stairs Challenge goal is to accumulate at least 1,800 stair steps in 3 weeks. The wellness committee has established weekly goals and incentives in order to encourage full participation throughout the three weeks. The full goal/incentive schedule is as follows:

      Week 1 500+ total steps Eligible for the RAFFLE*

      Week 2 1,100 + total steps Eligible for the RAFFLE*

      Week 3 1,800 + total steps Eligible for the RAFFLE*

      Grand Prize 10,000 + total steps Eligible for the RAFFLE*

*There will be multiple raffle prizes winners each week.

Stop by Human Resources if you would like a notebook to track your steps.  See you on the stairs!

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