Library and Information Technology

Instructional Technologist to present at two conferences

Christine Iannicelli, Ursinus’ Instructional Technology Librarian, will be presenting at two conferences in April. 

Christine has been invited to lead a webinar on Gamifying Library Instruction at the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on April 10. She will discuss the benefits of using games in the classroom and will share her experiences designing and hosting numerous escape rooms at Ursinus in the past year. 


Christine has also been invited to co-lead a webinar titled Party of One? Fostering Faculty and Staff Professional Development on April 16 for the Teaching Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference.

Her co-presenter, Hailey Wyman, is the Instructional Design and Technology Librarian at Westminster College. Christine and Hailey met through Educause’s ID2ID program, a cross-institutional peer mentoring program that matches instructional technologists and designers together from around the world. The goals are to facilitate professional development, networking, and cross-institutional collaboration. Christine and Hailey will share their experiences participating in the program, the idea sharing they engaged in surrounding the topics of faculty and staff training, and the projects that resulted at each of their institutions from that idea sharing.