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HEP Students present at Experimental Biology in Orlando

Student researchers, Elizabeth Dewitt, Ian Dysinger, Brittany Gasser and Patrick Rowe presented at the 2019 Experimental Biology Meeting held April 4-9, in Boston MA.  The HaMM and SkM lab students were accompanied by HEP Professors, Dr. April Carpenter and Dr. Steve Kolwicz.  Students discussed their research during the undergraduate poster session (poster list below) at the event. The Ursinus community will also have an opportunity to view their work at the upcoming Ursinus CoSA event, on April 25th. 

Experimental Biology (EB) is the largest interdisciplinary meeting of its kind. Life sciences and biomedical researchers from all over the world attend to network and share cutting-edge research.  Both the HEP Professors and students found the conference an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and students with an interest in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

Poster Presentations

Comparison of the effects of Cyrotherapy and Thermotherapy on Permeability after Skeletal Muscle Injury                                                                                                        - Brittany Gasser 

Endurance Exercise Capacity and Substrate Metabolism in Male and Female Mice    - Patrick Rowe

High Saturated and Unsaturated Fat Diets Yield Different Disease Phenotypes in Mice - Elizabeth Dewitt and Ian Dysinger

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