UC Students present at the Association for Death Education and Counseling Conference in Atlanta, GA

Indira Joell (’19) and Lauren Feldman (’19) were two students that accompanied Professor Susan Lawrence to the ADEC Conference on April 9th.

Their research poster was entitled A Comparison of Students’ and Educators’ Perceptions of Grief Support.  Other students that participated in the research were Zachery Brink, Shelby Carmichael, Naomi Epstein, Alexandra Mastrangelo, Sophie May, Sarah Moss, Taylor Pyle, Ria Malones, Kayla Quinn, Coraima Ramirez, Andrew Roesch, Kailey Ryan, Jade Schmidt, William Wells, as well as Professor Susan Lawrence. 

Their research concluded that students frequently report that their needs are not being met by school personnel. This research compared interview data from college students who had experienced a loss during their childhood with self-report survey data from school personnel from South Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland. The results indicate a discrepancy between the students’ beliefs that educators can help them cope and the educators’ feelings of competence in this helping. This lack of confidence by grievers can lead to reluctance in seeking help, while overconfidence by teachers and counselors may hinder appropriate support. Their research presented their findings in order to shed light on this incongruity.