Erica Gorenberg (’15) speaks about her graduate work at Biology department seminar

Erica Gorenberg, a 2015 Biology graduate, is working towards earning her PhD in neuroscience from Yale University.

During her seminar, entitled “Proteins and PhD progress: A little bit of science and what got me there”, Erica described her life as a graduate student at Yale, the exciting research she is conducting for her thesis project, along with some of the challenges faced by graduate students and some tips for Ursinus students contemplating graduate school.

Earlier in the day, Erica was a guest teacher in Dr. Dale Cameron’s class on Protein Biogenesis. Erica had taken Dr. Cameron’s class herself in the fall of 2013, which she credits for helping to stimulate her interest in the field she is now pursuing in graduate school. During her class, Erica led an in-depth discussion of research she contributed to at Yale and which is now pending publication.