"Office Space: Keeper of the Ancient Past"

Office Space: Keeper of the Ancient Past

With some 55,000 centuries-old artifacts from Egypt on hand, Jacquelyn Fox  ’11 serves as a gatekeeper of sorts at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

An assistant collections manager there, the Ursinus alumna takes inventory and handles unpacking and storing the delicate objects at an off-site location, as well as some of those that have to remain at the museum. With great care and attention to detail, Fox works toward the betterment of storage and safety for the objects, and takes on photography and cataloguing, creating a record of ancient history.

Fox sharpened her collections skills at the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art on the Ursinus campus, an experience that “changed my life,” she says. Originally intending to major in biology, she carved out a new path working with the Berman’s impressive collection, assisting with museum renovation and serving on its 20th-anniversary committee as a student.

Working at the Berman “elevates the knowledge of students who want to go into this field,” Fox says. “It’s so invaluable to learn how a museum works. That’s not very prevalent on many college campuses. That experience led me right to where I wanted to be.”

After Ursinus, Fox earned a master’s degree at Seton Hall University and then landed at Penn Museum, which is dedicated to ongoing cross-cultural discovery. Its exhibitions and events welcome visitors to uncover the mystery of the ancient past, something with which Fox has become quite familiar.

At Ursinus, she says, “I got a lot out the core curriculum and learned how to think critically. I was able to gain a perspective I am now applying to my field.”

Jacquelyn Fox ’11 Photo by Jeff Fusco

Jacquelyn Fox ’11
Photo by Jeff Fusco