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New Lobby Exhibit on Roe v. Wade

Myrin Library’s Summer Intern Creates an Exhibit that Showcases the Historical Perspectives of Roe v. Wade

Hi, Ursinus!

My name is Beth Jacksier and I’m Myrin Library’s summer intern. When I came to work at the library for six weeks this summer, I was tasked with creating an exhibit for each of the lobby display cases. I immediately thought of topics that would push the boundaries of controversy, so as to get students, staff, and faculty alike discussing real issues that have lasting impacts.

Naturally, this made my supervisor, Collection Management Librarian Kerry Gibson, nervous, as librarians need to present issues, however controversial, as unbiased as possible to present all relevant facts. I ended up deciding to create a display on Roe v. Wade, which was the U.S. Supreme Court case that protects a pregnant woman’s choice to have an abortion.

However, rather than discussing the debate surrounding the morality of this landmark decision which continues to this day, I wanted to look at a side of this case that isn’t as prevalent: the historical perspectives. In this display, I gathered…

  • Government documents discussing this issue
  • Topical articles from Time and Newsweek magazines from early 1973 remarking on the Supreme Court’s decision just weeks prior
  • Perspectives from Ursinus students from 1969-1974 offering their thoughts on the issue of abortion.

Take a moment as you next enter the library to view the display, learn something new, and join in on the conversation! The exhibit also includes additional reading recommendations, so make your trip to Myrin Library today to check out some topical summer reading!

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