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Health and Exercise Physiology Summer Fellows

On Friday, July 19, 2019, Ursinus College held it’s 21st Annual Summer Fellows Symposium. A  variety of topics were presented at the symposium and the in-depth, thoughtful presentations were enjoyed by all. Health and Exercise Physiology student presentations are listed below:

The HaMM Lab

The Effects of Short Term Fasting on Endurance Exercise Capacity in Mice, by Lola Holcomb (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kolwicz)

The SkM Lab

Differences in Endothelial Permeability Following Injection of 25 millileters of Barium Chloride vs. 10 milligrams per gram of body weight at the Tibialis Anterior Muscle of 4 and 12 week Mice, by James McDaid (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)

Sex Comparison of HSP Expression Post Skeletal Injury in Mice Following Thermotheraphy by Emily Megill (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)

Congratulations to our Summer Fellows on a job well done!

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