Faculty and Staff

Roadmap to Medicare: Learn How to Get and Stay Medicare Insurance Ready

Sept. 18 - An Educational Seminar Presented by HTA’s Medicare Insurance Specialist. Designed for those nearing age 65, nearing retirement, working past age 65 & retirees. 2 p.m. Bears’ Den -Register with Megan Guarni 

Faculty and staff, join us for a live interactive power point presentation & get your questions answered. 

Topics will include -

Important Timeframes:

  • What you should be doing as a retiree or soon to be retiree
  • Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue Periods, plus late penalties
  • What happens when you and your spouse do not turn 65 at the same time
  • When to enroll or defer Medicare Part B if not retiring at age 65
  • Changing carriers—how & when


Make sure your coverage is complete:

  • What does Medicare cover and not cover
  • Is secondary insurance necessary and what are the options
  • How do a Medicare Supplement and Original Medicare coordinate


Guidance regarding your personal situation and much more…

For more information and to register contact Megan Guarni at ext. 3342 or by emailing mguarni@ursinus.edu