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Ursinus Increases Recycling, Contracts J.P. Mascaro for Recycling and Waste Management

Ursinus is taking steps to become even more “green.”

On July 1, the college began a relationship with a new recycling and waste vendor, J.P. Mascaro and Sons. The three-year contract was awarded after an extensive selection process, involving representatives from the college’s facilities department, Office of Sustainability, and Environmental Studies department, as well as student sustainability fellows.

“We really wanted students to be involved in this process, so the student sustainability fellows were given the opportunity to review the request for proposals and provide feedback on them,” said Kate Keppen, director of sustainability.

How will this make Ursinus more “green?” Mascaro is able to recycle plastics nos. 1-7, paper, cardboard, metal and glass.

“One thing that stood out to all of us in the Mascaro proposal was their commitment to recycling despite the insecurities in the plastic recycling market,” says Keppen, who hopes that the new partnership provides stability to recycling on campus.

In addition to expanding recycling efforts, Ursinus will continue to be a landfill free college. Non-recyclable waste items will be transferred to a waste-to-energy plant located near Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Keppen states that waste and recycling efforts often go under the radar but are an important piece of living in a community.

What types of plastics, metals, glass and paper can you recycle? Plastic bottles and containers labeled one through seven (you can find these numbers within a recycling symbol on the container), including: plastic cups, soda and water bottles, detergent, yogurt containers, shampoo; metals such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil, metal lids and metal cans (i.e. soup cans); glass bottles and jars; and recyclable paper like newspaper, office and notebook paper, post-it notes, construction paper, file folders, cereal boxes, paper bags and cardboard.

Ursinus’s commitment to sustainability has earned a place on the Princeton Review’s Green Colleges list and an award from the EPA. For more information contact the Office of Sustainability.